Granger Smith + Earl Dibbles Jr.

Last week, Granger Smith played at Summerfest and then headed to Madison to play a “No Dough Show” for Star at Red Rock. Unfortunately, Earl Dibbles didn’t make an appearance, but Granger Rocked a nice acoustic set. He’s an incredibly talented and very nice guy. Check out some shots!



Soooo, Here’s the rest of June..

I officially suck at keeping up to date on posting. Yay.

June was full of working weekends, catching up with the kids who were finally home from college for the summer and the start of summer pictures.

I had the opportunity to work for Madison’s first half Ironman distance event; The Wisconsin Milkman Triathlon. It was awesome to watch it all come together, and even better that I got to design some sweet ass banners for the finish line as well!


Among the seniors I had scheduled at the end of June, I also got to shoot Shake the Lake, which included country stars, 5th GEAR (Local!), Drew Baldridge, LANco and Jon Pardi. After working 9 hours in the heat prior to the show, I was obviously super excited to be running around with 2 cameras stuck to me in that hot heat. I got some pretty sweet shots, so I can’t really complain. (Check out the pictures below!) The boys and I stuck around to watch the fireworks, but at that point in the day, I couldn’t really hang anymore.




knee high by the 4th of july.



It’s clear that I live on a tiny street in the middle of Madison. However, sometimes you just need a little peace and time to clear your head not in the city. I got out to the farm so excited to see the corn was already past my knees and had no intentions of stopping. The rain has put a damper on the summer, but I’m thankful that it’s helped the crops and hopefully helped the farmers bounce back from last summers dry spell.