The North Woods

There’s something peaceful about going a few hours north, jammin’ out to middle/high school mixed CDs, getting to your destination, checking the time on your phone and realizing that you don’t have service.

I got to get away for a long weekend to visit Kayla and Mitch. The weekend consisted of dirt track races, getting way too much sleep, laughs and good company.


Mitch raced Friday night and Saturday afternoon/night, and the fireworks went off Saturday night at the end. Mitch got second Friday night, but unfortunately failed to make the final Saturday night. I’ve concluded that I sleep more when I’m at their place than I do any other place or time of the year. It’s strange, but relaxing at the same time. (Shoutout to them for putting up with how sleepy I get when I’m up in that neck of the woods.) We attempted to bar hop in Eau Claire on Sunday, but apparently nothing was open…but we found one bar, got a few drinks and played some cornhole and enjoyed the sunshine. The evening concluded with my first trip to Texas Roadhouse and a bonfire. Monday started off slow, after sleeping enough hours. We went to the Leinenkugel’s brewery, did the tour and had a few samplers. We were going to stop at a winery or two, but again, none of them were open. Us Wisconsinites need our alcohol. Monday night was relaxing and meant for movie watching before the trek back down to Madison Tuesday morning.


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