KC – Round 4

Again, I’m really bad at keeping up with this.

In August, I took another trip to Kansas City to see Whitney. Just a short get away, that didn’t involve any work, any senior pictures; just pure vacation.

Thursday night I got in, and was luckily not greeted by a heatstroke this time. We had a low key night with watching some Pitch Perfect and beer.

Friday Whit had to work, and I was totally content doing absolutely nothing all day. I slept through Whitney’s alarms, her getting ready and leaving for work. Basically I took a coma that was probably much needed. I laid in bed for a long, long time, just reading my book and just laying there in silence and on what is probably the comfiest bed out there. I ventured up to Quay to get some coffee and a cinnamon roll and some sunshine. On my 2 block walk, I broke a nice sweat. I spent the afternoon Netflix watching and online shopping. Oops.
Friday night we went to the famous Joe’s BBQ in the gas station and got some BBQ to go. I got the Za – which was BBQ and fried onions and Whitney got the Carolina sandwich. We went up to the National World War Museum to eat, and get a pretty view of the skyline. Well, there was a major storm rollin’ in, and luckily I grabbed my camera and got a pretty sweet skyline picture that words can’t even do it justice. We quickly chased out the storm before the city flooded and spent the night in watching Friends with Benefits and getting wine drunk.


Saturday was a lazy day – but we did a paint and drink thing. You would think that they would get easier as you painted on. But nope. Ours for some reason, got harder – or the alcohol kicked in a bit more. We didn’t make it out that night, so we got drunk and got some Minsky’s pizza.

Sunday morning we went to the market, got a few things and then stopped at Quay for some coffee, and low and behold, they were having a pop-up waffle bar. So obviously, we stayed around for that. And my God, they were fricken delicious! The rest of the day was lazy and rainy.

Monday morning came to soon, and back to Wisco I was, seeing as I had the first day of classes that afternoon.



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