She’s feelin’ 22

I know I’m about a week late on this due to an incredibly busy week. Buttttt. For starters, I’m still a little salty that none of the bars we went to on my 22nd birthday played Taylor Swift’s 22.

I mean, no one really likes a Monday birthday, and everyone hates a Monday birthday when you have to adult the next morning. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this birthday due to some important people not being in Madison. I was so excited about turning 22 and then in a matter of days I wasn’t. I didn’t even want to go out, and I was content just sitting at home doing nothing all night, but I knew that wasn’t about to happen.

That morning Mare and I got breakfast and Creama Cafe and I was really excited to eat my blueberry almond pancakes. (Seriously though, go try them.) While we were sitting there, I had gotten a tweet mentioned to me from Nathan saying “It’s birthday and I can’t sleep with how much I wish I was home” and I almost started crying.


Fast forward to Monday night after 7. We got to the Nitty and sat down by the windows in the bar area to eat before we got hammered. Rachel kept frantically looking at the window and I called her on it and was like what are you doing and she just replied people watching and I was a little confused but I just shook it off and continued on talking with everyone. After a few minutes Rachel was like I’m gonna go to the bathroom quick. And thinking about it now, after the fact, Rachel went the complete opposite direction of the bathroom. Well she came back and a guy wrapped his arm around me and I just assumed it was Michael being Michael, and I had to do a double take. Turns out Nathan had flew home to surprise me on my birthday, and Rachel, my mom and his parents were in on it. I screamed and then instantly started crying. I’d post the video, but my WP doesn’t support videos. I honestly couldn’t believe that was real and I couldn’t stop crying. I was then okay with being out for my birthday because Nathan was there. I was still missing some best friends, but it would do the trick.


I wish I could tell the rest of the story, but it got a little fuzzy after we left the Nitty. I know we went to Whiskey Jacks, lost my cardigan and $15. I also woke up Tuesday morning thinking I was good to go, and then got to work and was no longer feelin’ good. So I went home, took a nap and worked from home the rest of the day. Definitely drunker on my 22nd than my 21st.



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