Canaan Smith + Chicks With Picks

IIMG_8201 haven’t posted in a while – per usual. Life kinda just got away from me. So in the time between now and homecoming, I’ve had a few sessions, and a few concerts.

Two weeks ago, Star had brought Canaan Smith to Red Rock, and that was a really awesome concert. Every time I shoot these, I get more and more excited and I feel like my shots get better and better.

I knew a couple of his songs, but after hearing basically his entire album, I’m hooked. He’s super nice too.

Friday night was the Chicks With Picks benefit concert again presented by Star at Red Rock. The four chicks were Mickey Guyton, Ashley Monroe, Kelsey Ballerini and Jana Kramer. Well, Kelsey got sick and didn’t end up playing. But the other three did, and they rocked it considering all the minor problems that were going on. But on a serious note, can we talk about how cute pregnant Jana Kramer is!? Oh my god. She’s so tiny and her little baby bump is adorable. Her hubby was here and was on the end of the stage watching. I accidentally swung the door open on him, my bad. They all did they’re thing, and I tried to do mine despite that mass amounts of pink lights they had surrounding the stage. It made them all look like cartoon characters. On the bright side, over $8,000 was raised for Breast Cancer Research. I also am now shooting Freakfest on Halloween which includes Chase Rice, The Cadillac Three!

_MG_9913 IMG_0303 IMG_0310


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