HoCo 2k15.

It had been 4 months since I’d seen the friends that kept me afloat while I was at SP those 16 rough weeks in 2012. After not ever participating in a weekend full of homecoming festivities, what better than to do it senior year when you’re finally legal to do all of the drunk shenanigans?

Friday night was full of booze and a trip to the track house followed by some adventures downtown. While downtown, we got the equivalent of Ian’s here in Madison. Stevens Point calls theirs Polito’s. It was actually really good but I will forever have Ian’s be my first choice. While there I saw the horrible roommate from freshman year and luckily avoided her and that was glorious. We weren’t really feeling the whole downtown thing so we hitched a ride back to the track house with a few of the track guys. We decided to take a detour by cutting down the sidewalk behind the CCC. We were in the clear without people noticing until we had reached the street we needed to go down. That’s when the cop rolled up and threw his lights on, was confused as hell and had Jordan take a Breathalyzer test. The cop probably thought he was gonna get be able to write a fat ticket, but Jordan blew a zero.

Photo Oct 03, 5 42 52 PMPhoto Oct 03, 5 42 27 PM (1)

Saturday started with some pancakes followed by making some Jell-o shots and Andee’s birthday cake since her birthday is Tuesday. Success was had all around and they were all delish. After we finished that we started drinking and making our way down College. We went to Partner’s for our mugs and some wop and had a killer time. There were a ton of people there and the DJ was on point with all the song choices. But for some stupid reason, the DJ stopped at 8 and then it kinda cleared out. So we went to the track house for a bit, and then grabbed some food at Marvin’s. At that point I was done for the night and when we stopped back at the house before heading downtown, I was done. KD didn’t make it much longer than me.

This morning’s breakfast of champions was brought to you by a brownie ice cream Sunday on my drive back home.


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