Thirty Before Thirty.

The other day, Stacy and I were talking about how things have changed so much in the last year and how each of us has been forced to grow up and adult more and more. Thinking about it, we decided to make a 30 before 30 list. We thought this would help with our goals and dreams in life, and encourage to do some things that we might not do on a daily basis and help us step outside our comfort zone.

1. Go back to Europe/Other countries
I’ve been twice – and I would love to go a handful of more times. I want to eat pasta in Italy, take breath taking pictures in Greece, go to the Alps in Austria, Eat veggie mite in Australia, and swim in some super blue water in the Caribbean, and so much more.

2. Getting married
Cliche but true. Every girl dreams of that day. I just want sunflowers and to dance the night away.

3. Open another business
I had an epiphany when in Germany on this most recent trip. Hopefully in due time.

4. Road trip
I just wanna go somewhere, slightly farther than Wisco with some friends. I’m not picky on where. Just an adventure full of laughs and throwback CDs.

5. Pay for a stranger’s meal
I would like to do this more than once, but I always chicken out.

6. See Jake Owen again with Alysa
This too would be great more than once. First Jake has to come back near or in Wisco again.
Completed July 23rd, 2016 – And we got to meet him.

7. Travel in the US (ie: Nashville, Maine, Seattle, San Fran, Alaska, Hawaii)
There are so many places within the US that I want to see. It would be cool to at some point make it to all fifty states. See how things differ from place to place. Obviously these are a little more achievable than Euro travel. Hopefully Southwest can help me out with this one.

8. Backpack camping trip
I guess this kinda fits in with the road trip thing as well..or Europe.

9. Run a 5K
So funny story, I work for a race company. So this should probably happen sooner than later.

10. Karaoke
I might need a little liquid courage, but it’s coming.

11. Unplug for a week (no technology)
Because in this day and age, it wouldn’t hurt anyone. It would probably lower my blood pressure too.

12. Be a featured Wisconsin photographer

13. Learn all the  drinks to be a bartender
I have my license, so why not? Another side job?

14. Own a house and land
I wouldn’t mind keeping the Ebert farm in the family. Or having one of my own doesn’t seem like it would be that bad either…but history trumps all in my book. I wanna have acres to walk and play hide and go seek since sometimes I like to be 10.

15. Learn how to cold brew coffee
It’s how I like my coffee so why spend like $5 constantly when I want a good cup of joe? (This may also be a preface for #3)

16. Learn to french braid
I feel like this is a necessity for any female. It would also spare Whitney and KB some time.

17. Drinking Olympics with friends
I think this one might be self explanatory.

18. Participate and shoot a paint fight
Again – why not? Not to mention how cool those pictures would be…as long as paint didn’t get on the camera.

19. See one of Nathan’s shows on Broadway
It’s comin’, baby.

20. Photograph people and their stories
I guess kinda like HONY. But my own creation. I always thought it’d be cool to do this in nursing homes, especially with people who have Alzheimer’s and have their long term memory. Share their stories from the past that hold the dearest parts of their heart. Idk.

21. Travel with a significant other
I feel like that would such a great experience and maybe test some limits..

22. Learn to watercolor paint (and font it)
Sometimes I try to be artsy, but I’d like to be able to perfect it or at least be better at it.

23. Conquer all the movies on the list
Yes, the list keeps growing, but I’m knockin’ off the classics here and there. So hopefully by the time I’m thirty I’ll be all caught up.

24. Photograph more moments
I spend all this money on my camera stuff, but usually forget to capture my own personal moments and life. I’m always busy capturing others and usually get lazy with my own. That needs to change. So many big moments happen in your twenties and I feel like they should be documented.

25. Buy and Eat more local
I live in Madison. This is the definition of local. I need to venture out and try more things. Who cares if it costs more. If I can help the small people like myself, I’ll do it. It’ll just taste that much sweeter and look that much better around my house.

26. Have an Etsy shop
Again, see #22 and #20/24. Aka, become more crafty and share it.

27. Learn to drive stick
I’ve tried, and failed. I’m ready to conquer it again at some point in the next 9 years.

28. Print a photo of every year
I’d love to do this every month. See how I change physically and see where I’m at in life and what moments I choose to capture. Something to show my kids some day. See if they ever look like me at the same age.

The remaining two…still thinking about those.



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