Germany: Day Nine

Leipzig. The home of Bach and plenty of other musicians in the world.

It was about an hour and 15 minutes south of Berlin. Our train was delayed over and hour, and we got a slow train instead of the ICE train that we paid extra for to get there quicker. So that didn’t start the day off on a good note.

We arrive and navigated our way from the train station to the old town square with the lack of help from the visitors center. We walked around a bit and took plenty of pictures of the old architecture. We also poked our heads into St. Nicholas cathedral on our way. I also found Schumacher Straße which was pretty neat. We stopped and ate lunch at another Italian restaurant and it again, was phenomenal. I had pesto spaghetti.

We swung into the Leipzig Historical Museum. That was a bit much. We were all kinda done with the museum thing and it was a million degrees again, and there wasn’t much air flow. We then took the tram, again with very useless directions from the information center. I don’t know what it was about Leipzig, but they had incredibly unhelpful tourist information employees. We ended up doing a boat cruise. It wasn’t that exciting, but being on the water and having some air moving around us was awesome. Unfortunately, the tour was in Germany so we didn’t really have any idea of what they were talking about.

After that, we adventured back, got lost again, but made it back to the square. We grabbed a beer until our train came and watched a concert in the town square. I had a beer with sprite in it and it was so wonderful and light. I also got a freaking bee sting about 20 minutes before our train was supposed to leave. So that epically sucked.

We got back rather late since we booked such a late night train in hopes of packing as much as we could into the day. We grabbed a bite and a drink from our favorite friends at the Argentinian restaurant next door. I had one last baked potato with the best sour cream, and a fruity drink. AT the end of the night, the waiter brought us a drink on him and it was cute and fruity and yummy. After I tried to finish packing and getting about 5 hours of sleep before boarding the bus for that Early flight back home.


Our flight was full of people and babies. It was not empty like the one on the way there. I slept a bit, but was instantly cranky when we landed because I just wanted to be home. After waiting forever for our luggage, we got to Mare and the first stop was Culvers in Beloit. I got my fix and was a little better.


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