Germany: Day Eight

After recovering from Poland the previous day, we decided to sleep in a bit and then wander around Berlin a little more.

We ate breakfast and took the subway to Alexanderplatz and milled around. We then got tickets for the Berlin Dungeon. (They apparently have this in a lot of cities. KB had been to one in Amsterdam, San Fran, and London.) It’s history of the place being told by live acting characters in a underground dungeon thing. It’s apparently scary and yep, they were right. Things were popping out left and right and they would make it so the lights go out and the person acting out that historical event/scene would move around and pop up in your face. No me gusta. That was not fun to me and I was so paranoid about everything happening that I didn’t really pay attention to what they were saying.

There was a little ice cream and waffle shop next door that we stopped to after we were done with the dungeon since again, it was balls hot out. I got a coffee ice cream drink, and KB got espresso and ice cream and poured the espresso over the ice cream. They were both so freaking good. It was also literally the cutest place ever. It was like a graphic designers dream with all of wall art and menu and the way they had things set up.

After coming back to the train station we stopped at the place that had Kebabs and I got one and it was so yummy. The one I had in the south a few years ago was better, but this one was still super good.


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