And on the seventh day, we went to Poland

Poland. Such a different place than Germany. Let me tell you that.

First off, train stations give me panic attacks. Secondly, ones in completely foreign countries give me even more panic attacks.

We got up at like 5 to catch our train from the HBF main station at 6:30am. We arrived in Poznan Poland after many games of 1010! It was so weird, being in a completely new country where very few people speak English, and when they do, it’s incredibly broken.

We headed toward the old market square right away. Well, after we went the wrong way and did have a nice old lady start yelling at us in Polish when we whipped out our map. A street vendor near by directed us the right way and eventually we just got in a cab and called it good. We got there and my was it beautiful. It looked like architecture from Holland. We found the information center and got some info and some maps.

Did you know that Poznan Poland has a Croissant Museum? Did you also know it’s closed on Mondays? Yep. We did not. So that was a bummer straight off the bat.

After doing our research on TripAdvisor, we learned that at noon every day in the town square at the church, the goats emerge from below a giant gold clock and butt heads. So we found a good seat to watch that and grabbed some lunch. Kristin’s mom thought that real live goats pop out and fight each other. They were just simply wooden goats. Our lunch was full of Potato Pancakes, and dumplings of many kinds.

We then wandered around trying to find old historical places. However, many places were closed on Monday’s. I don’t know what the deal with that is, but it seems to be a European thing. We just kept wandering around, and came across the code breakers monument. We then wandered around the University and then back down to the square.

Along the way, we stopped at this cute little coffee shop. We grabbed some drinks because again, it was hot as balls. We also got some cheesecakes and they were absolutely to die for. If you’re ever in Poznan Poland, you should probably stop there. (They also have free wifi)

We wandered back down the square, took a cab back to the train station and back to Berlin we went.


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