Germany: Day Five

We slept in this morning and then went on to tackle the city. We figured out how to navigate the underground and the S line last night so we figured that would be easiest.

We went a bit farther down the east side and went to the Typography museum and I kinda nerded out a bit. It was so awesome. I have such a weird appreciation for that stuff because of school and Emmalee.

After that, the East Side Gallery wasn’t too far. That’s the largest remaining standing piece of the wall. It’s covered in graffiti art and its beautiful. While we were there, there was a guy painting white over a portion of previous art and creating his own. We didn’t stick around to see the finished piece, but I’m sure it was cool. We then wandered around for a bit, and it seemed to be the ghetto. Everything nearby was covered in graffiti. It was neat but terrifying.

We ate lunch at a cute little cafe and then trained to the Bradenberg Gate. At that point it had cooled down quite a bit. There were a ton of police officers there – attractive ones too! We couldn’t really figured out what was going on, but then we saw a bunch of hippies and hipsters toting weed paraphernalia and we got a bit of second hand high walking around there and to our next destination. The gate was cool, but obviously its a super touristy spot, so it was packed. We walked about a mile down the street to the giant golden lady tower – aka Queen Victoria.

We hit up the grocery store before getting on the train and called it good.


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