Germany: Day Four

Well for starters it was the hottest day of the year, and the hottest day on record. It hit 100.4 degrees and the humidity was at 97%. So that was unpleasant.

We decided to visit Sachenhausen which was a concentration camp about a half hour outside of Berlin. We joined one of those walking tours but we had to take the train first. Let me remind you, there isn’t a whole lot of air condition in this country. The average temperatures for August are mid 70s. The buses have no air flow and the trains have none either and both of those are usually packed with many people. Needless to say we sweat our butts off going to and from the camp. (On the way back instead of walking to the train station to get back to Berlin, we bussed and crammed about 150-200 people on a bus. Talk about heat stroke.)

The tour of the camp was actually very interesting, but it was hard to pay attention on that hot of a day. The camp was HUGE. like indescribably huge. There were not many barrack buildings still left, but there was a wooden outline filled with rocks that showed where they all were. There were other buildings left that had been made into exhibits and then there were a few that were still there.

We were even shown the area where the burn ovens were – and most of it was still there. We also took a trip down to the morgue. It was kinda creepy and morbid but yet so interesting at the same time.

After we got back, we already had a train ticket so we thought might as well use it. So we went out on an adventure to Alexanderplatz and found the Primark. Primark is like a Target, Forever 21 and JC Penny mix on steroids. I ended up getting like 7 shirts and a blanket for 32ish dollars. How cheap.

I had woken up in the morning not feeling so hot, and concluded I was getting sick, so I went to bed early.


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