Germany: Day Two

We slept in as late as we could without missing breakfast. We went to bed at like 8pm the night before and rolled out of bed at 10am, hoping to fix this jetleg issue. We didn’t leave the hotel until about noon and we hopped back on our tour bus and took it to where we left off on sites.

First stop was the Alexanderplatz. That’s where there were pieces of the wall, and the stars of the Hollywood walk of fame were. We took some pictures with the pieces of the wall, and there was a man dressed up like one of the guards and we took some pictures with him. We then went across the street to where there was the last piece of the wall still in its original spot. It was probably 100ft, give or take a bit. Behind the wall, there was the Topography of Terror which is the museum that houses all the information about the wall and how it came to be. We walled around near Check Point Charlie and continued walking around from there. We got lunch/dinner at a tiny Italian Buffet Restaurant. They even had a cooler than spun with gelato in it!

After that we hopped back on the bus and took it to the Konzert Haus Berlin. We didn’t go inside but we took some pretty pictures. From there, we just walked until we got to our next point which was to find Birks. In the process we came across the RItter Sport Chocolate Shoppe. We dropped a few euros there. From there we went and successfully found the Birk shop where I added two more to the collection.At that point, the last bus had rolled through and we decided to walk all the way back to the hotel which entailed walking about 3 extra miles. However, we got to walk through the Tiergarten (A giant pretty garden with paths and trails) and stopped to see the Reichstag from the front.


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