Germany: Day Three

We were at the outdoor restaurant that’s next to our hotel until pretty late last night eating a small meal and having some beer. We ended up sleeping in again way to late and almost missed breakfast. We didn’t get moving to fast today. It was also near 100 degrees and we weren’t really about that life.

We went to a museum/walk through thing. It kept us out of the sun, and we got to learn some pretty cool stuff. We even had a tour through a real bunker – however, it had been modified to add some lights and make it walkable.

By the time we were done with that, it was almost 5pm. So we had asked the lady in the gift shop if there were any good German restaurants around that area. We found one, but when we sat down, no one waited on us. We ended up leaving and going down the street to an Italian restaurant. It was honestly the best thing ever. And they had free wifi. I had a pizza, Kristin had gnocchi and Marit had some mushroom tortellini. We also had quite a bit of good red wine. It was sweet so I actually liked it for once. We sat there for a while and on our way back we grabbed a pastry and stopped at a few stores.

Next up: Saschenhausen (former concentration camp site)


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