Germany: Day One

We got on the plane and my seat was in the middle of four seats and I was so worried that I would have people on either side of me. Well one would be Kristin, but then the other would be a completely random human. Turns out there was like 100 people on the like 500 person plane. So Kristin and I sprawled out on the four seats and her mom had the two across the isle. I worked for a bit, while watching a movie, and then I tried to nap/sleep since I slept a total of like 10 hours during the weekend with 44 hours in 3 days. Nope. Not gonna happen. I tried so hard, many times to fall asleep and I couldn’t. I ended up sleeping for like an hour, but my god. I needed way more than that.

At the airport I got some eruos with no problem and we somehow figured out the bus system to get us somewhat close to our hotel. Our hotel is on the third floor of an old building. And our room has a view of a courtyard and a cute little set-up. Before we were even in here an hour, Kristin accidentally turned on the stove and melted the coffee maker.

We ventured out and wandered around for a while. We stopped at a Karstadt and got the pens that I needed and a shot glass. We continued to walk around and we ate lunch at a little café. I had some potato bacon soup, and a some cheesy spatzel – aka mac and cheese. It was super good. After that we ended up buying tickets for a hop on, hop off bus service and rode that around the city to get an idea of where everything was. We also did the boat portion, and our tickets are still good for tomorrow.

We stopped back at Karstadt and got some groceries for dinner. I’m about to shower and go to bed because I’m absolutely exhausted.

Tomorrow: Berlin Wall, and Alexander Platz.


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