“What was i thinking”

Alysa and Bryant had to go to Whitewater to move some of Alysa’s stuff in Thursday. So Thursday night after racing the aquathon I went down there and spent the night with them. Friday morning we got some breakfast at a little diner called Jessica’s in Whitewater and then drove around and took some photos of the two of them and Bryant and his bow and hunting stuff. They actually turned out pretty neat.

IMG_3726Friday night, Dierks Bentley was headlining at Country Thunder. Star is one of the radio station/sponsor stations. Abby gave me some tickets for Friday . We rolled up in Bryant’s sweet raptor truck and got plenty of “nice truck” and some looks. We hung around until the girls came back to the Star booth and Bryant and Alysa tried to win some meet and greets for Dierks. Megan had an extra media pass and she gave it to me, and then gave some on stage seating for Bryant and Alysa.

Even though I didn’t bring my camera, I ended up doing a little work with using Jessica’s camera. I mean who wouldn’t want some Dierks in their portfolio?

His concert was absolutely awesome. He sounded soooo good live – possibly the best live concert I’ve been too. Dierks holds a special place in my heart. The first country song I ever listened to was his hit single “What Was I Thinking.” I’ve been hooked since. He played it and I literally just went crazy. I was getting a little nervous that he wasn’t going to play it, but he did in his last encore. He also brought Maddie and Tae and Jaren from TC3 onto the stage to help sing Free and Easy.


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