“Man, I love this life”

Monday Funday. It’s crazy shooting two concerts in 5 days. It was tiring, but oh so awesome.

6 LoCash was formally LoCash Cowboys but they decided to change it up. I’ve known about them for a while, but it was pretty legit to see them live. It was a totally different set-up in comparison to Thursday nights show with Drake White. They brought their whole band and took up the entire stage with a sound system that could probably be heard a few blocks away.

I caught a peek at their set list before they came on stage but they didn’t stick to it. They did – but they threw in a cover of some song in between each of their songs on the set list. Cover songs included songs from Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and good ‘ol Brittney Spears. So entertaining.


Preston and Chris are so entertaining and seemed to really enjoy the small set up. They were able to get intimate with the crowd, pose for plenty of selfies and interacted with the audience on different levels. After the show I was talking to Chris a little and he was like “Yeah, I was flirting with the camera a bit.” Gave me a good chuckle. They’re honestly so nice and friendly.

Check out some more pictures here!


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