“It Feels Good”

I haven’t shot a concert for Star since the Class of 2015 way back in January. Last night I got to shoot Drake White. (And on Monday I get to shoot LoCash!) Even though I don’t get to shoot for them all the time, I love when I do. It’s a change of pace and how many people do you know that get to shoot concerts?

Drake WhiteI got there and Drake was finishing up his sound check. After he finished I was introduced by Abby to Drake and I was prepared to shake his hand and he just hugged me and goes “I’m a hugger.” He just hung around us and ate his platter of filling food.
He started a little after the 7pm start time that had been advertised. We didn’t really know how long he was going to play, but I was informed that he’d play for as long as he could, even if that meant hours. I have never been so fascinated with someone playing. He got so into it, occasionally getting off his seat and at one point he even got down in the crowd and was singing right along with them.

Right now, his only song on the radio is “It Feels Good.” That didn’t stop him from playing all these songs that were his own, and those that weren’t. All of his own songs had a story to go with them and they were incredibly entertaining. He even plays a song about having sex in a hammock – rather amusing I may add. Words can’t describe how good he was. He’s so sweet and I’m glad I had the opportunity to shoot his concert.

Next up: LoCash – Monday night!


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