Brewery Tours or work? Beer always wins.

Every last Tuesday of each month my boss decided to do a “Super Happy Fun Hour” as a team bonding thing and to keep us from going crazy together. Today, it wasn’t just an hour, it was a whole day. We had no prior information about the adventure, but we boarded a bus and were then taken to a few local breweries around town.

We started out at Ale Asylum and had lunch and tasted a few beers mixed in with our lunch. I wasn’t a big fan of any of those beers. At the next two breweries we had the option of getting a pint glass or to have 3 samples. So we scooted over to Karben 4 after that. I had a pint of UnderCover. Honestly one of my new favorites. After we went to Vintage Brewery. I had a pint of the Bee’s Knees. It was good, but the beer at Karben 4 was by far my favorite.

I bet people assume that we don’t actually ever work. Work hard, play hard.


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