Last summer was my first time at Summefest, ever. I went down with the boys and we saw Cole Swindell and it was pretty awesome. So this year, there were a few country artists playing that I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Stacy’s family is very involved in Summerfest. Her dad still works there as a driver for the bands, and her and her brother worked there previously while in high school and college.


IMG_3251Florida Georgia Line was playing in the amphitheater with Frankie Ballard and Thomas Rhett opening for them. Stacy’s dad picked us up in the parking lot in the Summerfest vehicle and drove us straight into the back of the amphitheater parking lot. While driving through we saw the guitarists Jimmy and Tom walking around and the Drummer chatting with someone. They were also prepping for their pre-show pow-wow. Her dad escorted us past the meet and greet line and up to the grass seats. They were like microscopic dots, but hey, for free seats I had no complaints.

Frankie was pretty good. I shot a concert for him when he was just getting started and he was good, but now that he’s gotten a little more mainstream, his shows are a little livelier. Thomas Rhett was so damn good. I would go see a show of him on his own. His stage presence is great and his songs are such good concert songs. He finished his set out with some Uptown Funk. He was literally bouncing all over the stage and you couldn’t help but get into it.

In between Thomas Rhett and FGL, Stacy got in a fight with some really drunk guys who were trying to take our spots. Don’t worry, she ripped them a new one and we got our spots back.

It was time. FGL. It has been two years since I saw them play at the Rock County 4H Fair for $8 on a Wednesday night when their only song that anyone really knew was Cruise. Obviously a lot has happened since then, and they’re practically a household name at this point. They incorporated songs from both of their cds. Stacy and I were starting to get really worried that they wouldn’t play Like You Ain’t Even Gone. Which is our favorite song. Just as we said it for probably the fourth time, they played it and we just started dancing out asses off and screaming at the top of our lungs. They played Stay and Dayum Baby but they could have done without those because it just kinda killed the upbeat vibe of the night. They also didn’t play Hell Raisin’ Heat of the Summer and I really wish they would have.


IMG_3280Alysa and I decided we wanted to go see Billy Currington since he was on a free stage. Not really paying any attention to the details of him playing, we didn’t realize there was an option for free reserved seats closer to the stage. They were all sold out come Thursday morning, but they said there would be a handful available at noon on the day of the show. Clearly we weren’t gonna be in the Mil at noon. Stacy called her dad and asked if he could pick us some up. He was on a airport trip picking up Public Enemy. He called in a few favors and had the stage manager set aside two tickets for us, about 15 rows back from the stage. No complaints from me.

Before the show, we met up with Stacy’s brother and we grabbed a bite to eat and a beer and just walked around Summerfest. They told us the short cuts and the best places to eat and which bathrooms usually had the shortest lines.

IMG_3323It was such a good show. He played all of his hits and even a few songs off his new album. However, he was lookin’ a little pudgy and probably shouldn’t have been wearing that tight of skinny jeans and than revealing of a shirt. We left when he thought he was over, but then as we got out of the stage, he played our favorite song off of his new album. So needless to say, we were a little pissed at ourselves, but it was still an awesome show.

Stacy’s dad ended up driving Billy Currington and his band to a brewery tour at the Miller Brewery and snagged me an autograph from his. So that’s pretty neat.


IMG_3324Chase Rice. We were all excited since Stacy’s brother got us the hook up on the stage he was playing at. We were considered VIP for the show and got to hangout away from the crowd. We didn’t get there when we should have, so we didn’t have a great view, but that didn’t matter one bit. Stacy really wanted to hear Gonna Wanna Tonight, and I really wanted to hear U Turn and we all wanted to hear Ride. We heard them and then we were really over him playing. He’s not that great live and he just comes off as a real douchey guy. We ended up leaving a couple songs before he was done and went over to where Walk the Moon was playing. We got over there just in time for Shut Up and Dance. We didn’t get to see them perform it but we joined in with all the teenage girls in crop tops and sing it at the top of our lungs.

Needless to say, Summerfest this year was a hit. There’s still another whole week of it, but there isn’t really anyone I’m interested in seeing. I think going three times in four days is enough for me. I’m so thankful to have been able to have it work out the way it did. Thanks Stace and Greg!


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