i’m so behind.

I’ve come to realize I always want to blog, except I usually don’t think about it until all my motivation and energy is gone for the day. So obviously, I’m behind on posting.

IMG_3188Two weeks ago my mains from Point came to visit me. We’re all finally legal with KD and I finally turning 21. So naturally we took on the bars of downtown. We grabbed some nomz from Red Robin, and then pre-gammed at the house and smoked a little hookah. Right before we left, Andee poured us some te-kill-ya shots. She thought they were single shot glasses. Nope. They were doubles. Needless to say that did a little more damaged than expected. We hit up power hour, met up with some friends and then headed over to Wandos to get a fish bowl. Bad idea. The sugars got to us too fast and they didn’t feel too hot. I learned the night previous to not do the whole fishbowl thing. We danced for a while, waited for the rain to stop and then headed over to Red Rock, and still got rained on in the process. We danced for a bit but then decided to go back to Wandos to dance some more. We got out of the bar and I went to grab my ID and none of them were in my pocket. I decided not to take a purse since Mary was picking us up and I didn’t need my keys. Bad Idea. I’ve learned my lesson. So the girls went back in to look for them and couldn’t find them, so we went to Ian’s for some food and then headed home.

Sunday after the hangovers were cured by ibeprofuen, water, Gatorade and some of Mary’s bomb carmel rolls, we went to Olbrich Gardens and walked around for awhile, and then went to Hildale to get some cupcakes. After my freak out with my IDs, they turned up at Red Rock and all was well.

This last weekend felt like a Wednesday. All four days. I worked 4 days of event life straight. Started with the MKE Aquathon followed by a road trip down to Pleasant Prairie, mixed with some late night 894 closure stand still traffic. We got there. And my hotel room was nowhere to be found. Shared a room with the Ryan’s after we ate our dinner of trail mix and Miller High Life. ( I screwed up the beer order for the evening. Oops. ) Friday was filled with myself learning my max of setting barricades in a day, and how I’m not very good at them in comparison to all the boys of RDE. But I also learned that I’m good at zip tying things.

Friday night, I got to see Brian and Paige for dinner. It’s honestly probably been like a good two years since I’ve actually seen them and had a legit conversation with them rather than just in passing. They picked me up from my hotel room and Greiss went for a run and did some work while I was gone. It was so good to see them. It was like we never missed a beat. I shared the fun of being 21 and had a nice beer at dinner. We caught up and it was like we never missed a beat. I met Ryan in the bar and had a few drinks and then went to bed to try and sleep to prepare for the Saturday mayhem.

The kids race went well. It’s incredible to see how dedicated some kids are at such a young age. They honestly would probably do better than me. Hands down. By the end of the day, after Andrew and I got done marking the bike course, I got really good at making duct tape arrows. I’m practically a pro. Got a little shopping done after Saturday’s adventures. Got a new make up bag and a wristlet from my girl Kate Spade. Finished the night in the bar.

The alarm was set for 3:15am. I was also sunburned by 8am. Bad decision on my part. After a long day in the sun dealing with stupid people, I was greeted by extended family and a nice cold beer.


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