If anyone has had a conversation with me over the last two months, they would think that I hate coaching lacrosse and it’s the worst decision I’ve made in my life this year. Truth is, I hate it, but I love it. I hate it because I work in Fitchburg and have to travel the Beltline in rush hour traffic to get back to the Eastside for their practice. I hate it because it does throw a curve ball in my schedule. I hate it because of the conference we’re in, and the fact that it’s so competitive and lacrosse in Madison is slowly getting bigger but they’re aren’t enough resources. I love it because I get to be outside. I love it because I can play and dink around with them while teaching them a sport that I love and hope they will too. I love it because it gives a whole new perspective on life.

These girls are still in high school. Yes I understand that there are seniors who are slowly realizing the real world is in front of them and they’re about to have it hit them in a few short months, but they see things in a whole different way. They aren’t plagued by the choice of alcohol and drugs (well, my kids aren’t, but I know there are high schoolers out there who are.) They’re just living life, not a care, and their biggest problem was who was gonna be in their prom group and if they could find a dress or not.

Coaching was a good opportunity for me and it opened my eyes to a few things, and being the one in control and having the ability to change everything with a few short words. We’ll see what next year brings.


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