I know I’m a bit delayed here but, I turned 21 last weekend. I worked the marathon expo Friday and went out for an obligatory “I’m going out at midnight to buy a drink just because I can.” I worked Saturday morning at the expo again so the festivities didn’t begin until after that.

We went to the Nitty for dinner and power hour. Theresa didn’t know what power hour was, but stuck around with us to see what its all about. After we went to Red Rock. I was really excited to go and not be working a show for once. Conway was in town for the weekend and I wanted to see him so I begged him to come out. He came to Red Rock with Aaron Rogers and another friend. We took a round of Jack and then he got me another one. After that, my night gets a bit blurry. I know I danced my ass off and sang at the top of my lungs. I didn’t have a care in the world. I couldn’t tell ya what happened next, but all I know, is that I didn’t puke and that was my one goal of the night.



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