Monday. Nobody really likes them. But they’re here for a reason. Let me tell ya, this was a rough Monday coming off a rough weekend. For some stupid reason I honestly cried like seven times yesterday. I woke up today thinking how I just needed a break from everything and running from my problems seemed like the best option. A trip to KC was being planned yesterday on the way to the airport with Whitney. However, when  I got to work I had an email from Whitney with the subject line “Happy Birthday.” Whitney and Tyler had bought my plane tickets to come see them in July as my birthday present.

I don’t know where Whitney has been the previous 20 years of my life, but boy am I sure glad that she’s here now. I don’t think I can put into words how grateful and thankful I am to have her in my life. And I can’t wait to spend that weekend in July with the two of them and continue celebrating being 21.

UPDATE: Later Monday night on my way home from practice, I had decided to call Nathan on a whim – assuming that he wouldn’t answer per usual. But this time I didn’t get his voicemail; I got his actual voice. We ended up talking for an hour and it was perfect. We filled each other in on our lives and what was going on here in Wisco, and him moving this weekend. Like any other conversation, Nathan talked for a while and then simply asked how I was and how everything was going and I just started crying again. He’s the one that knows by the sound of my voice and why I call randomly. We sat and talked about it for a while and we both decided that I just need to keep traveling and that going to Europe the first time was only just the beginning. It opened the door to my curiosity and what the world has to offer. So a road-trip next year after he graduates is a serious thought.

Sometimes those who are the farthest away just know what to say and everything will be okay.


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