Such a Perfect Day

This morning started off our busy season, with the Lake Monona 20K/5K. The early alarm came too quick, and the lifting and carrying took its toll on my very outta shaped and out of seasoned body.

Shooting&BirksI wanted to get out and shoot this weekend since it looked like it was going to be beautiful. I agreed to take some prom pictures for Rachel’s sister and some of my lacrosse kids. It was honestly the perfect day! It was gorgeous and sunny. From the photographer stand point, it was a little windy and a little bright – but I made do.

While I was out shooting on the Monona Terrace and the Capital Square, I realized again how grateful and blessed that I grew up here in this beautiful city. I used to hate going downtown, but lately it’s been growing on me. Don’t worry, I still get confused – but it’s slowly becoming easier. From the top of the terrace I witnessed a wedding, that had the dad in tears as he walked her down, a few wedding parties have their photos taken, and plenty of prom go-ers, and scattered in between this all were a handful of people just taking in the beautiful weather and catching some sun. There were a handful of boats out as well taking full advantage of the nice day.

I drove home through town rather than taking the Beltline. Willy street was scattered with people and the restaurants and their patio’s were over flowing. This is the time of year I love, and the place I will forever call home.


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