The Middle of BF Nowhere.

I realize I haven’t posted in a while, but sometimes sleep trumps all things.

This last weekend I went to go visit Kayla and her bf Mitch. The original plan was to come shoot Mitch’s sister’s senior pictures. But since, where they live is four hours away – an hour west of Eau Claire in Baldwin, Wisconsin – I left on Friday morning and made it a weekend of relaxation mixed with a little work.

I stopped in Eau Claire for lunch with A-Train and then some afternoon criminal minds and cuddle sesh with Kristin before I headed to Baldwin.

We spent Friday evening at the Hogpenn Bar and had some drinks and danced out butts off. The theme of the evening was “going out with our boots on.”

On Saturday, Mitch had some time trial/testing of his race car for the dirt track series this summer. Growing up in a NASCAR and racing family in general, it was awesome to watch and made me wish I would have given it a chance when I was growing up.

IMG_5807Saturday night was Mitch’s sister’s Hailey’s prom. She had a date earlier in the week, but that went to hell. So being the best big brother a girl could ask for, Mitch escorted Hailey to the dance in his Army dress blues. We even stopped at the flower store and he surprised her with flowers. I took some pictures of that. It was honestly the cutest thing ever. After that we laid low for the rest of the evening.

Sunday morning we took some adventures around the Chippewa Valley area, climbing through rocks, climbing on top of damns and hanging out with some cows and farm buildings for Hailey’s senior pictures. That was one of the most fun shoots I’ve done. We even got a couple with the cows! We also stopped at the zoo and I was super friggen close to some Buffalo. Mitch made dinner that night and we watched Big Hero 6.

Monday morning I got up, they went to work and I drove the four hours home. I pulled out my case of mixed CDs and proceeded to go threw them as I drove back. Talk about some throwback music, man.


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