Sunday Afternoon

After church this morning we headed down to the famous Nakomis. It’s a tiny little suburb off of Sarasota. It’s home to the famous orange and vanilla swirl soft serve ice cream. (You can also get lime, lime and chocolate, orange, orange and pineapple or pineapple) It was seriously so good.

After our daily dose of ice cream, we headed to the inner coast and out onto the Gulf of Mexico off of of Casey Key Rd. On the narrow, almost too small for two cars Casey Key Rd, you can find Rosie O’Donnell’s house tucked away along with Stephen King’s peach home. You would think his would be a little darker. We walked out on the rocky paths and stood for a minute just took look when we saw a little dolphin fin make an appearance. We stood there for a bit waiting for him to come back up and he did periodically. I managed to get one picture of his fin. Hopefully when we go on the boat this week I’ll be able to see more and perhaps a little closer.Gulf of Mexico


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