a year in review

I once heard someone say that a year isn’t worth living unless you learn something about yourself. I learned a lot of things about myself this year – especially in the last six months.

January – most of March is just kinda a blur. I didn’t really have any significant happenings and I was just trying to keep my life afloat.

In March I did take an adventure with Madeline to see our best friend in the beautiful city of Boston for spring break. It’s not your typical spring break destination, but I needed to see my boy. We spent our days wandering the city, walking through the commons, around the marathon bombing sites, seeing Fenway park and just having quality time with him. It was a good and much needed break. The double ear infection and strep throat was not a nice welcome home gift though.

In May I decided to throw my mom a surprise party. Lesson learned – never throw Mary a surprise party again. It went. That’s all there is too it. She hated it first but now she’s finally accepted the fact that she’s 60.

This summer I ended up with the best job I could ask for at this point in my life. I work with some of the greatest people, I play with puppies at work and I get to travel for events. I also get to make things look pretty and have people from all over the state and sometimes even country see it all.

I continued on working at the station photographing concerts as much as I could, and I even officially had Sarah Paige Photography become a LLC. I had a handful of seniors this summer, and even a few engagements this fall and winter. I even got to enjoy a few concerts including the talented Cole Swindell and Jake Owen. I also got to touch Jake Owen’s hand. It sounds cheesy and stalkerish, but it was a life goal that was definitely achieved.

To end the year, I graduated. I’m not done, but I have an associates degree and am apparently worth money now.

I can’t forget that I’ve learned a lot about myself. I learned that sometimes long time friends, really aren’t worth the fight and effort anymore if you’re the only one putting any effort in. But sometimes you meet certain people and instantly click and wonder how you weren’t friends before and you can’t imagine you’re life without them. And then there are always the people who you knew and thought you’d never get close to, and then you do. I learned you don’t need a boyfriend t continue on with life. You have to make yourself happy before adding anyone else into the mix. I also learned plenty of things about being a small business owner, in Wisconsin under the government of Scott Walker.

With where things are at in my life, I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings to my oh so close 21 year old self.


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