one big happy family.

Sitting in a car for 9 hours usually isn’t my ideal thought of a good time. However, when it’s for work, I don’t even care. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type of person who can sit still for that long, but I can usually find ways to entertain myself. It also gives me a chance to finally catch up on the book list that is endless and I never have the time otherwise. However, reading a book is a little bit of a challenge when you’re with the funniest people you can find. It takes a good half hour to read a few pages because you keep reading the same sentence and then constantly get distracted by the conversation around you.

This isn’t your average job. Traveling multiple weekends out of the month isn’t always easy and I can promise you suitcase living isn’t all that great. You never really know what to pack because the weather is so unpredictable, and you usually forget one important thing that you need and you’re usually too far from home to do anything about it. (side note: almost left my pillow in Ohio this weekend.) Each weekend trip usually comes with a large side of little to no sleep, a full weeks worth of work and plenty of beer.

All the time that you get to spend with your co-workers outside of the work part of the weekend is what it makes it worth while. We are literally one big happy family. No matter how much yelling, miscommunication and whatever else can go wrong in a day; at the end of the day all is well and we all love each other. They always have your back no matter what. No matter how much they pick on you, call you names, or give you crap, they do it out of love. If something were to happen on the streets during an event, or even something in your personal life, the entire team is standing behind you and they would totally fight someone if need be.

I’m so thankful for this job. Sometimes I get a lil grumpy, a little nutty and a little hard to deal with, but the saying goes “work hard, play harder” and we definitely put that saying to good use. Most people think I’m crazy for putting anywhere from like eight to eighteen hours of work a day, not really having weekends off and the fact that we’re basically carnies. But the people I work with are some of my best friends, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of co-workers to be stuck with all day and all night. I wouldn’t trade the late night heart to hearts and crazy early mornings for anything.


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