barefoot blue jean night.

So I’ve kinda taken a hiatus from a social life this last month since the wounded warrior concert. Nothing like a few midterms to burry yourself in a hole and not be social. I took a break last night and went to the concert I’ve been dreaming about since I was seven when my mom introduced me to country music – Jake Owen. Eight Second Ride was the very first country song I ever listened to and it instantly got me intrigued. The combination of the rockish and upbeat tempo mixed with his voice was the coolest thing to me back then.Homies at Jake Owen

The day started with the casual skipping of class to kick off this adventure early. Mike with the saint that he is, agreed to drive. The five of us (Joe, Garrett, Alysa, Mike and myself) packed ourselves into the car and took off to Milwaukee fighting rush hour traffic. The way down was filled with a little homework and study sesh for us ladies, and story time and jam sesh’s for the boys. Needless to say, not much school stuff got done.

We got to the club and instantly realized how janky and how ghetto the area was. Food was needed so we went to the famous Mac Dons nearby – with bulletproof glass. We quickly ate to simply just get out of there and get in line. While we were eating, a lady and her dog walked into the building and proceeded to hang around. The look on Garrett’s face when she walked through was absolutely priceless. I have never felt more out of my element than I did at that McDonald’s.The Rave!

We played the waiting game for a while, pre-gamming and making friends along the way. We made friends with the super drunk rando passing out high-life, while pounding jack and vodka concoctionas fast as we could before we got in. obviously reading that, that wasn’t our smartest choice of the evening. When the doors opened we calmly but hurridly rushed to the stage, and got second row. We then took our shifts in going to the bathroom before we exploded. We waited for a while, making friends and having a good time amongst ourselves.

IMG_1146The Cadillac Three were awesome. Unfortunately, their sound was higher than their mics so it was rather hard to understand, but the beat and the atmosphere were awesome. They are three of the craziest lookin’ dudes, but that doesn’t matter when you’re having fun and living your dream every night. They played probably about six or seven songs and closed out with It’s All About the South. The crowd got so much louder and everyone was singing at the top of their lungs. Following that was a unnecessarily long break before Jake. In that time we lost the boys to some incredibly drunk freshmen while Alysa and I held our ground in our perfect spots.

Jake came on and I can’t even explain it. The feeling was so surreal and as I’m writing this at 10 am the following day, it still feels unreal. The vibe that he gives off is just absolutely awesome. It’s so chill and so hyped. He makes good use of the entire stage, running and bouncing around in his bare feet the entire night.

Jake OwenI completed a few life goals last night; the first one was just simply going to a Jake Owen concert; the second being able to touch him. I successfully touched his hand and held onto it for a split second. I’m not usually one to get star struck, especially with working at the station and being around famous people all the time, but I had a little moment – I’m not even gonna lie. It was awesome. I got some sick photos and had one of the best times. The set started with a little Days of Gold and ended with the one and only Barefoot Blue Jean Night – one of my all time favorite songs. The whole concert was just so chill and the atmosphere was so perfect. Don’t worry, Eight Second Ride was played too.

A couple also did get engaged toward the end of the concert. Jake pulled them both up on stage and he got on one knee, and she said yes – after she was in the bathroom as Jake read the piece of paper and were talking to the guy. Following the proposal was a sick cover of the national anthem done by the keyboardist and guitarist.

Selfies with JakeThe way home was completed with a little rap sesh from the boys and the homie Mike Stud, Bump and Grind, some more slow jams, shaggy and everything in between.

Needless to say, last night was hella awesome and I’m so glad that I got to go and went with the people I did. I’m so thankful for the station and them taking me on and helping make some of my wildest dreams come true.


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