On Wisconsin

Badger Game!Yesterday I attended my first Badger football game. Everyone always asks me how I haven’t been to a game when I live right here in Madison. Truth is, I’ve never had any desire, really. I’m not a huge football fan like most of Wisconsin is. Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to say I’m from Madison. I absolutely love Badger Hockey. In general I’m just a hockey and baseball person. I also just don’t understand football. People have tried to explain it to me a handful of times and I still just can’t grasp it. I’ll watch games, but there are other things I prefer. Sorry not sorry about it. Everyone’s entitled to liking their own things. 





Badger Game!So with the best friend anyone could ask for, we went to a game. She loves to go to see the band because of her boy who’s in the band, so I told her I’d go with. It was possibly one of the craziest experiences of my life and I’m glad I can say I’ve been to a game. The band is absolutely fantastic and now I know why they practice 5 days a week and it’s so prestige to get into it. There is so much talent in those students. The alumni band played as well and the fact that they can remember those steps and those songs so many years later is amazing. The jump around is mind blowing that the entire stadium of 75,000+ people all jumping at once for a few minutes. I’m sure to those standing on the outside it’s like an earthquake.  


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