so many thoughts

There are so many emotions that are coming to my brain tonight and I don’t know if I can put them all into words. I’m pretty sure tonight is the first time in my life I’ve ever cried tears of joy.

Tonight I became a business owner. I am proud to say that Sarah Paige Photography is now an LLC!


This whole dream of owning my own business is finally true. I never really knew when I would have the chance to make my dream come true, but I knew before I died it would.

When I get stressed out about photo stuff and making “business decisions,” I always joke and ask people why no one stopped me when I started this whole shebang when I was 15 and clueless. This just proves that one should never give up on your dreams – you’re never too old or too young and you won’t know what’s in store until you give it a try.

Obviously there have been people along the way who have told me I’m plain crazy and others who have said I’ll never make it. For all of those people out there – look at me now. However, there have always been those ones that have supported me throughout the entire thing – the good days and the bad. For those people, (you know who you are), I would not be here today. There are not enough words that could express my thanks and gratitude.

I know that this stage in my life has only just begun, and I’m sure I’ll be handed some curve balls and life lessons in the upcoming months and even years with this part of my life and I’m ready to face it head on.


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