Friday night I drove up to see my brother and his girlfriend before visiting some friends in Appleton on Saturday. We took a trip to the farmer’s market of Appleton when we first got there. I of course ended up buying a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and Kadie picked up some veggies and fruits for dinner later that evening.

We then just strolled up and down the main street going into all of the cute local shops. We spent a good half hour in a candle store smelling all the smells we could get, falling in love with some scents and turing up our noses at others. We took a trip to the HUGE mall in Appleton and even drove to the outlet mall in Oshkosh as well.

Frog on a log

After the homemade grilled dinner that Murphy made, we took a trip to the Flynn family ice cream shop called Frogg’s. It is the cutest little ice cream shop one could imagine. The entire inside is covered in green and all the frog decor you could imagine. Two of her very tall brothers were working but Kadie made us our ice cream. Just a tadpole frog on a log sundae.


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