country music round up

I’ve been so MIA lately and I guess it’s a part of life and being a college student just trying to make a buck and be able to pay for school.

So from the last 3 months, I’ve had the opportunity to photography a few concerts for some of the newest upcoming country music singers.

The Swon Brothers

The Swon Brothers, Gray’s Tied House – Verona


At the end of May I got to shoot the Swon Brothers concert at Gray’s Tied House down in Verona. For being a brother duo, you would expect bickering but they provided nothing but great live music, and good laughs making fun of each other. Nothing but an all around good time.





Jon Pardi

The beginning of June I got to attend the Jon Pardi concert at the Red Rock Saloon here in Madison. He put on one of the biggest free shows I’ve ever been too. It was a great show, even though he was about a half hour late. ;))








Cole Swindell

Cole Sindell, Red Rock Saloon – Madison


My latest and my favorite adventure thus far was the free Cole Swindell concert at the Red Rock Saloon in Madison at the end of June. The line was all the way down Johnson street and wrapped around the corner. Capacity of Red Rock was at it’s max and there were still people who were listening from outside. Cole is such a great performer and has such a sweet and caring heart. Genuine southern class.


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