“hey girl”

Things have been crazy busy with life in general, the beautiful opportunity of fall colors to take many photos and school/midterms. This time of year, I’d do anything in power to keep the leaves on the trees a bit longer, full of their vibrant colors and add a few more hours of sunlight into the day. 

Last weekend was UW’s Homecoming. I had the pleasure of being a part of the famous parade with Z104 FM, riding around in with the Zombie Mobile. All the DJs were dressed up as zombies, and walked the streets handing out FreakFest Tickets. 


Before that, 96.3 Star Country was welcoming country singer, Billy Currington to the Orpheum that night as well. I had the awesome experience to be invited to his private sound check with a select few other winners. He’s probably one of the most mellow laid back people I’ve ever had to interact with. His PSA of the night was to drink water with chia seeds in it. (Apparently they’re incredibly healthy for you and help you stay hydrated.) 




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