the jungle book

we took a family trip up to see my brother for his birthday. not only did we go up for that, he has a new kitty! they found it underneath the hood of his car, wrapped around the engine trying to stay warm. they named it mowgli, from the jungle book, but it turns out it was a girl, but she’s definitely a mowgli. from being stuck, she lost part of her tail, so it’s not as long as a usual tail, but it’s freaking adorable. she’s precious. except if you’re sleeping when the sun comes up, you won’t be for long. today i woke up to her crawling around on my head, rubbing my face, licking my face and even my ears, and her playing with my hair. it’s cute at first, but not when you’re exhausted or when it’s 6 in the morning! but how can you not love her?ImageImage


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