cloud nine

first off, i’m starting to realize that i’m awful at this whole blogging thing. i’ll go days forgetting i even have it, think of something, and then be nowhere near my computer when it happens AND then i forget it when i get to my computer again. ugh. this is when i use my “blonde moment” excuse. 😉 

i also feel like i just plain don’t have time. i never have time until late at night when i’m completely exhausted and just want to sleep. i’m not really a fan of this whole being an adult thing. 


these last few weeks i’ve been sittin’ up on cloud nine. 

“Cloud nine or on cloud nine is an idiom referring to a state of excitment or happiness.”

even with the start of school and having to get back in the regular swing of things, everything’s been going extremely well. i was expecting this semester to be hard, but it’s not too bad. just tedious. i’m finally having fun with what potentially could be what i do the rest of my life. 

i saw a post on Facebook for an awesome photography gig at the local country radio station. with nothing to loose, i applied for it and got a response almost immediately. they liked my worked and wanted to talk to me. turns out, i can use it as an internship, and low and behold, i need one to graduate! talk about killing two birds with one stone. so for this internship, i’m doing photography work for promo events, general events and concerts. i couldn’t be more excited!

next week, my first concert is blake shelton in milwaukee and the BMO bradley center. pictures to come 🙂 

i haven’t felt this blessed in such a long time. i couldn’t be happier on where things are right now. i guess god’s finally found the path he wants me on. 


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